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Who I am. 

I'm a Boise native who is a jack of all trades for anything digital. I've had the privilege of having a wide array of digital experiences across a variety of marketing channels.

I pride myself on a commitment to excellence in all that I do. I believe in data-driven decisions in business and leaving ego out of the process. I help that process by helping teams stay solution-focused.

Project Management  Paid Media 
Campaign Management   Branding 

 Social Media Affiliate Marketing

 SEO  Creative Initiatives

Photography   Videography

Duskin Anthony Terteling

I'm always striving to do my best and continuously improve.

Kaizen or continuous improvement. This is a known business principle implemented most famously by Toyota motor company. It's something that I try to embody in all aspects of life. From my approach to business, to my understanding of life, to what gives me meaning and purpose.


Like all of us in life, I am imperfect and believe we are not responsible for the cards we have been dealt, but we are responsible for how we choose to respond. That's where the virtue of Kaizen plays a role in my life. It's an orientation that focuses on learning from the past and in turn finding solutions for the present and future. It requires a genuine curiosity for life and a love for learning. That is something I have fostered over time through an introspective journey that has lead me to become the person I am today. 

Employers & Collaborations

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